It's the end of October as we know it

The last weekend of October marks the final two nights in the Billsville House Concert Series for 2011. We’ve got two fantastic shows lined up – “Swear and Shake” on October 28th 8PM</strong> and <strong>"Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps" on October 30th 7PM. Seriously, $10 a show? That’s better entertainment than a trip to Family Dollar. Frankly, we really need to sell some tickets to keep bringing in the quality acts we’ve been able to attract.
If you can make it out I would really appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone who has come out to support music over the last six months. We’ve had an amazing time and I’d love to end it on a big note before we take our hiatus for 2011.

Tickets and Videos for Swear and Shake

Tickets and Videos for Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps