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    Grace Potter
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  • Lake Street Dive
    Lake Street Dive
  • PhoxWeb
  • Lucius
  • 1401x788-MarinaChavez-HoneyHoney-3697R
    Honey Honey
  • hurray
    Hurray For The Riff Raff
  • Noah Gundersen
    Noah Gundersen
  • Joe Pug
    Joe Pug
  • TC6_HI-RES-1 Fall 2014
    Caroline Rose
  • brownbird
    Brown Bird
  • Anais_Image.2
    Anais Mitchell
  • dan_mangan_hr
    Dan Mangan
  • strandofoakspress2
    Strand Of Oaks
  • Photography by Glenn Ross. http://on.fb.me/16KNsgK
    Ark Life
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  • arcirisweb
    Arc Iris
  • HM Press Shot for KS
    Heather Maloney
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    Haunt The House
  • photo
    Upstate Rubdown
  • seanrowe
    Sean Rowe
  • cover
  • sfr
    Spirit Family Reunion
  • Caroline_Smith_Stacy_Schwartz_Cedar
    Caroline Smith
  • cpcat
    C.P. Stelling
  • Small Houses
    Small Houses
  • tinydeskbig
    Eef Barzelay
  • Kingsley Flood
    Kingsley Flood
  • David Wax
    The David Wax Museum
  • Joe Fletcher
    Joe Fletcher
  • Field Report
    Field Report
  • daredevil
    Daredevil Christopher Wright
  • patb
    Pearl and the Beard
  • joy
    Jenny Owen Youngs
  • 13586177-lg
    Liz Longley
  • ziman
    Elizabeth Ziman
  • Sonya Kitchell
    Sonya Kitchell
  • 02_PlumeGiant
    Plume Giant
  • file1701
    Swear and Shake
  • jonahtolchin
    Jonah Tolchin
  • cuddle-magic-pc-tim-davis-smaller
    Cuddle Magic
Recent News
  • Billsville House Concerts just finished our 68th show. We’ve produced an average of one show every three weeks since April of 2011. It’s been awesome, we’ve hosted artists we love and shared music with our entire community while making lots of new friends. We’ve had so many nights that we’ll never forget that we’ve started […]

  • We were a little stunned to realize that our last actual “house” show was over two years ago in Williamstown. Since then we’ve hosted plenty of shows at spaces like the Vermont Arts Exchange, The North Adams Elks Club and The Inn at Willow Pond. We were really looking forward to returning to our roots […]

  • Words and Images by Christian Thorne Parsonsfield – Friday July 25th We know that one of the ways the country music rejuvenates itself at its margins it by absorbing the forms and styles to which it is superficially opposed. The Violent Femmes bring Appalachian punk rock to the streets of Milwaukee. In Uncle Tupelo, Mike […]