Saturday – March 5th @ 8PM

Members: MorganEve Swain with live musicians:

Emily Dix Thomas- cello, vocals
Emily Shaw- electric bass, shaker, vocals
Liz Isenberg- double bass, vocals
Rachel Blumberg- drums, vocals
Rachel Rosenkrantz- electric bass, vocals

The Huntress and Holder of Hands, a fledgling ensemble that has yet to release its first album – yet while the name may be unfamiliar, The Huntress isn’t exactly an unknown quantity.

In fact, many local music fans will be familiar with at least of some of the personnel, beginning with the band’s founder and musical leader MorganEve Swain. Swain, of course, was one half of Brown Bird, the much-beloved indie-folk duo that abruptly stopped performing two years ago when Swain’s musical and real-life partner, David Lamb, was diagnosed with leukemia. Despite an outpouring of support from musicians and music fans around the country, Lamb eventually lost his battle with the disease. Swain, meanwhile, devoted herself to the release of “Axis Mundi,” an album of new and old Brown Bird songs recorded during the last months of Lamb’s life. Now Swain has reemerged with a new group,

The Huntress and Holder of Hands, and a new sound to match — one that largely avoids the old-time blues and country influences that were Lamb’s stock in trade in favor of spare, harmony-driven tunes that explore themes of loss, memory and resilience in the face of adversity. At least some of that new sound is due to the talented group of musicians that Swain has enlisted, a group that includes Vio/Mire cellist Emily Dix Thomas, bassist (and occasional Deer Tick vocalist) Liz Eisenberg and drummer Rachel Blumberg. Still, Swain is clearly the group’s guiding force, and, judging by the handful of songs The Huntress has released on the music-streaming site Bandcamp, that’s a good thing.
– Bill Van Siclen (Providence Journal)

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