Over the last few weeks the song “Yes, Marie, Yes” by The David Wax Museum has become a bit of an obsession here. It’s easy to get obsessed with a band who brings such pure and obvious joy to their performances. The first time we heard The David Wax Museum we were singing along by the chorus. We suspect that you will be as well.

david wax museum

“Recently anointed as Boston’s Americana Artist of the Year (2010 Boston Music Awards), the David Wax Museum has been called “pure, irresistible joy” (Bob Boilen, NPR) and hailed by TIME.com for its “virtuosic musical skill and virtuous harmonies.” It is no surprise that its acclaimed performance at the 2010 Newport Folk Festival was hailed as one of highlights of the entire weekend by NPR. The Museum fuses traditional Mexican folk with American roots and indie rock to create an utterly unique Mexo-Americana aesthetic. Combining Latin rhythms, call-and-response hollering, and donkey jawbone rattling, they have electrified audiences across the country and are “kicking up a cloud of excitement with their high-energy border-crossing sensibility” (The New Yorker)”

“Born With A Broken Heart” – Music Video

“Unfruitful” @ The Newport Folk Festival

Really, can you watch that video and NOT want to be here?

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