“In a brave new world where vintage American has helped the likes of Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers achieve headliner status, Los Angeles duo honeyhoney ought to be rising stars.” – Buzz Bands LA

“…the common pop thread between alt. country, spaghetti western soundtracks and swampy blues.” – Paste

“…honeyhoney deftly mixes elements of folk, soul, country, pop, and rock…” – Glide

Burlap and opals. Moonshine and macrobiotics. Shaken and soothed. How Suzanne Santo (vocals/banjo/violin) and Ben Jaffe (vocals/guitar) managed to reconcile not just polemics, but seemingly opposed realities for their sexually tinged, bruised knee honeysuckle take on roots music has to be heard to be understood.

Yet somehow the young 20-somethings figured out that it’s the extremes that define the middle, whether embracing the big mistakes in the bluesy smoulder “Glad I Done What I Did,” embracing the romantic doubt that is the low slung gospel of “Don’t Know How,” or the euphoric romp-age of “Let’s Get Wrecked” that embraces the arc debauchery completely. This is the sound of coming not of age, but awareness; and digging into what it means to be alive permeates throughout honeyhoney’s October 24th release of Billy Jack on Lost Highway Records.

With fiddles threading the melodies, big acoustic guitar sounds and banjos plinking as percussively as melodically, there is an old world feel to honeyhoney that is as fresh and right now as it is tube radios and old lace.

And it is the disparity of how the two came up and came together that informs honeyhoney with their singularity of sound. Meandering through unique paths, converging in Los Angeles where everyone is chasing something, and finally recognizing the chemistry they shared is no mean feat.

Evoking California’s hippie Dust Bowl fringe, equal parts Okie squalor and Pacific shimmer, there is a strong pull of Woody Guthrie-esque folk, vintage Buffalo Springfield, glints of Gram Parsons and bits of Bonnie Raitt’s early blues, Rickie Lee Jones reality and Bakerfsfield Saturday nights. Not country, not folk, not rock, it is a hybrid that defies exact definition.

Still “Billy Jack” pumps with the thump of hearts on fire, levels with the pang of real instruments played like someone means it.

“Thin Line”

“Angel of Death”

Bella’s Bartok

“Bella’s Bartok is a strange mix of a band, and with their absurdity lies their charm. Varied percussion, bright pianos, scratchy guitars, scattered horn sections, and group harmonies give their dancy tunes a distinct bohemian vibe, and their raw sound gives them something of a punk edge.”
– Lucy Sherman, The Deli Magazine

“Bella’s Bartok might be one of the most well recognized and well-received bands in the area. And yet, it is almost baffling that a band with such a well-honed sound and experienced lineup is still here. With talent and charisma to spare, they could easily be building a following in Boston or New York.”
– Olivia Gattuso, Pioneer Magazine

“Bella’s Bartok started out as a party and became a band—albeit, one that comes with an automatic party pre-installed.”
– Jeremy D. Goodwin, Metroland cover article

Del Water Gap

Del Water Gap is not your mother, nor your brother, nor your sister’s best friend; rather it is the muted gent at your uncle’s second wedding – belly of punch and slow tapping toe.

Del Water Gap is the love child of New York transplants S. Holden Jaffe and Maggie Rogers: part idealistic guitar, part reminiscent banjo. Each unbeknownst to the other, the duo circled each other for years until one fine day in April, when the stars nodded an unequivocal “yes” and by the power of Wokunda, the universe declared, “This shall be so”; and so it was.

Del Water Gap is the effort grade on your report card. Del Water Gap is black coffee, never decaf, except sometimes. Del Water Gap has a Hemingway jaw-line. Del Water Gap is your mother’s maiden name. Del Water Gap is a Russian novel and an uncomfortable threesome. Del Water Gap is too many coincidences to be functional.

Food will be provided by Pink Boot Farm of West Pawlet, VT so come hungry!

12 hr smoked pulled pork, smoked chicken wings, smoke braised pork belly, Budweiser smoked braised hot dogs, smoked sliders, hand cut french fries and potato chips, mac and cheese, bacon fried corn, vegetarian baked beans, vegetarian and not smoked stuffed poblano peppers, capressa salad skewers, fried green tomato po boys.

Also, home made ice cream sandwiches by Night Owl Bakery of Bennington, VT

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