May 2nd, 2015

The album is a near masterpiece in the confessional singer songwriter genre. The lyrics are dark for sure, but it’s way more than just a great break up album – the heartbreak reaches biblical proportions on several tunes.

In the gently melodic “Little Bird” Houlihan sings:

“Distant lives and distant lovers
you were once my little bird
i went over waterfalls in barrels i was that absurd
i was to prove my love i was i was”

The song unlocks an album that truly tells a story. Bookended with pleas for a lost lover called Prairie, to “please come home,” the narrator appears pretty desperate at times.

As clouds literally gathered on stage (thanks to Schaff), the band moved into an eerie “Jealous Vow.” Houlihan sings:

“Prairie i have waited for you every night and day
but your time was better spent in the arms of another man
you were cutting off my fingertips to better ease the pain
of the creeping death of poison in my meals we couldn’t spare”

As mentioned, there’s an old-timey religious feel on some of their songs. On the set opener “Mosquito Coast,” the band sings

“Tell my boys not to drink no gin
you can’t leave the tavern if you never go in
and Jesus Christ will tell you it’s a sin
if in excess, alcohol there is within”

Will Houllihan has put together a band with a lot of potential. He’s another artist who has lived the blues, and that comes through loud and clear in his music.

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