Friday May 6th will mark the second in what’s shaping up to be an incredible series of house concerts extending through the summer.

We’re thrilled to announce that Dan Mangan will be here for an 8PM show.

The Guardian UK
“Mangan’s voice is the sort of thing you cuddle up to only to find it bristly, and his songs are much the same. In the crowded male singer-songwriter genre, he brings something different: a quirky, witty, observational style coupled with a slow-burning, emotional intensity. The Indie Queens Are Waiting turns a trip to a record store to impress a girl into a sideswipe at the obsession with cool. In the wonderful singalong Robots, he plays a customer service operative who becomes emotionally involved with a stream of sad, rejected goods. An album of offbeat, thoughtful, funny and understated little gems.”

Fuel Friends Blog (Top 10 of 2010)
“Dan Mangan has made a dense, thoroughly gorgeous album, heavy on the intelligent lyrics, his oaky-warm voice weaving in amongst a whole orchestra of instruments. This album is beautifully arranged and well-crafted, one you can swim deeply in during rainy days all winter long (although I discovered it in August and it sounded just as good in the sticky warmth).”

“The Indie Queens Are Waiting”

“Road Regrets”


Dan’s songs brim with subtle images and irreverent wit. He has a knack for making what is quaint seem universal and what is universal quaint, so that even his most layered lyrics feel strangely familiar. His uniquely gravelled voice conveys a rare type of honesty, a gift that seems to transcend demographics. On stage, his presence is easy and open. It could work against him, but there’s no façade; here’s a talented, hard-working and unpretentious musician with a poet’s way of seeing through absurdity

The American release of Nice, Nice, Very Nice comes in the wake of its release in Canada, which saw the good natured and unassuming songwriter skyrocket to critical and fan acclaim. A tidal wave of accolades landed Dan on the covers of publications from coast to coast, and his career went into serious over-drive.

First, fan word-of-mouth and an enthusiastic blogosphere got the infectious single “Robots” onto listener- request playlists and into heavy play rotation on Canadian radio. Next, XM Satellite’s The Verge named Mangan Artist of the Year, beating out better-known acts for a $25,000 prize. Then Canada’s public broadcaster (CBC) championed “Robots” as Best Song and Best Vocals of 2009.

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