Courtney Hartman and Taylor Ashton met while out on the road with their bands, Della Mae and Fish & Bird. As neighbors in Brooklyn, they swapped songs across kitchen tables whenever their schedules allowed, and found a special connection in those casual get-togethers – a mutual love of similar textures and of a shared lyrical landscape. Slowly, and nearly by accident, they found they had written a modest body of work together.

Nearly four years later, their debut recording as a duo is named for one of the first songs they played together: “Been On Your Side”. It serves as a thesis statement for an album which continually explores the sentiment of being there for people over the years and across the miles. These meditations on human relationships are set vividly against scenes of the city and sounds of the pairs’s homes in Colorado and British Columbia. Hartman’s intricate guitar work, coupled with Ashton’s distinctive clawhammer banjo groove, weave a texture that ebbs and flows beneath their seamless duet harmonies.

‘Been On Your Side’ will be released in conjunction with DeTour, an initiative of The Music District, sending the duo into elderly homes and schools throughout Colorado as they tour the album.

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