Friday, Sept 13th – The Vermont Arts Exchange
North Bennington, VT


“Every Last Extremist” by Christopher Paul Stelling from Look Sessions on Vimeo.

“Every song on his debut album Songs of Praise and Scorn cooks with both down-home comfort and avant-garde brio, Stelling building earthy folk troubadour stories over a fluster of wild arpeggios.” -The Village Voice

“…what a real self-contained, modern-day troubadour looks and sounds like. Songs of Praise and Scorn is a fine way to introduce someone who should be a voice to be reckoned with in the years to come.” -American Songwriter

“The musical storytelling of Christopher Paul Stelling embodies a long road full of lush folkloric, mythological and religious imagery.” – WNYC

“The is a reverence in and of Christopher Paul Stelling that is immediately perceptible. It’s striking and it’s powerful. It’s a draw. It’s a magnetism that sucks you right into the landscape that he sees.” – Sean Moeller, Daytrotter

“…organic, southern Gothic-meets-classic folk vibe. Everything about his performing style and songs was inspiring, refreshing, and also blissfully familiar…” – Beyond Race Magazine

“…it wasn’t until Christopher Paul Stelling performed that the final emotional wall came crashing down. As though he was reliving every emotional moment that went into the creation of each of his songs, he dug deeper than I’ve seen just about anyone, and everyone in the room was channeled into every second…” – New York Press

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